a company specialized in biosafety

About Us

Since 1990, Argentine company BTE Electronics S.A. has been developing, manufacturing and marketing biosafety equipment, notably the DAC 3000 needle destroyer. DAC 3000.

Our company implements a Quality Assurance System designed to satisfy customers’ needs and which meets international regulations certifying the safety of every product manufactured.

In each and every case, BTE Electronics S.A. guarantees the superior quality of all its products and supplies, while also offering continuous technical support and backup at both the national and international level.

Our focus on continual innovation and the development of solutions that enhance safety conditions for the staff involved in the handling, transport and disposal of the hazardous materials used in laboratories and hospitals establish us as a worldwide leader in the field.


  • BTE ELECTRONICS renews its brand identity and continues improving their products
  • BTE ELECTRONICS a company specialized in biosafety
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